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    • Saturday, March 13, 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CST)
    • ZOOM link will be shared with Registrants.

    Join us at 8:40 for Networking! Please register to receive the link and password. This session will be recorded. By registering, you are giving your consent to be recorded. 

    Organizing Your Soft Skills Closet:

    Applying a Consistent Model to Human / Life Skills

    Matt Elwell

    If you watch TED Talks, listen to Audible titles, and attend meetings at associations like CODIC, you’re getting a healthy dose of self-improvement. But then what? How do you integrate, internalize, and master that learning? And how would you accomplish these same objectives for an organization where there are not only competing programs, but departments, levels of learner readiness, and priorities?

    Matt Elwell suggests identifying one consistent organizing model to provide coherence and intention to one’s own personal and professional development. Then, organizationally, this same model can provide a common language that accommodates all other talent development priorities.

    In this session, we will:

    • Compare popular “off-the-shelf” soft skills programs (7 Habits, Crucial Conversations, etc.) to a single organizing model
    • Discuss potential benefits, pitfalls, and action items related to creating such a unified organizational approach to soft skills
    • Practice action planning for self-improvement using the provided model as a guide

    Matt Elwell, CPTD - As a keynote speaker, instructional designer, and facilitator, Matt Elwell has been using Applied Improvisation to improve organizational performance and culture for over 15 years. His learning and creative solutions span large-scale annual meetings, multi-city tours, and intensive small-group sessions. Matt is a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and has shared his insights on learning and improvisation at both professional and academic conferences. Find out more about Matt and his network of partners at


    8:40-9:00 am Logging On & Networking

    9:00-12:00 pm Program

    • Saturday, April 17, 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (CDT)
    • ZOOM link will be shared with Registrants.

    Benedictine Management and Organizational Behavior Contemporary Trends in Change Management Lecture Series.

    This is not a CODIC event. Please visit to register. The event is free, but registration for ZOOM is required. 

    • Saturday, May 01, 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CDT)
    • ZOOM link will be shared with Registrants.

    Join us at 8:40 for Networking!  Please register to receive the link and password. This session will be recorded. By registering, you are giving your consent to be recorded. 

    Expanding Your Power v3: 

    Your Catalytic Leadership on a Larger Scale

    Bruce Mabee

    You are now creating the new normal. Because of your skill and interest in collaborative leadership, COVID, Anti-Racism and Zoom have opened a door for you on a scale none of us has ever seen.

    • Is this our once-in-a-lifetime chance to change our organizations and our corners of the world?
    • If this is our big opportunity, what powerful allies might you (and your friends) engage?

    Power used to be, "Who's in charge?" While shared leadership has been globally expanding in democratic institutions—it has also been severely challenged in many countries. Will you now expand your role as a catalyst that empowers key people and groups for the big human purposes? Who in the world will next become your most powerful allies? 

    There is an alternative: Let others take this opportunity to grab the disrupted power and "be in charge," you know, like before. 

    We will discuss who you can now reach in your work. We will also ask who among our group wants direct support in expanding power as a catalyst. You may join a pair or small group for your own three-week experiment in a project you are doing. We will reconvene on May 22, in a "Power Huddle," to learn from each other's experiments

    This session is v3, the third iteration of this living laboratory. We piloted it for the national Organization Design Forum when COVID first hit; we learned and revised with the OD Network of Chicago. We hope to learn further with CODIC and apply it next at a national scale—in new times and a new US President.

    Bruce Mabee has consulted over 135 client organizations in projects of strategic planning, design, and change as internal OD consultant for ten years and external consultant for 30 years. In many of these, “live systemic power” is the magic that made the larger outcomes stick. The expanded application of power has been used in Walgreens, Motorola, and Conoco-Phillips, creative non-profits such as Working Bikes and Family Shelter Services, and governmental units of the US and Scotland.

    Bruce has taught leadership, strategy and power in nine graduate schools, including Benedictine, Lake Forest, and the University of Chicago. He holds an MS in OD, a BFA in Industrial Design, and ATD's CPTD. He has also served for 15 years as evaluator for ADT’s Excellence in Practice and BEST Awards, and he co-created the Impact Awards of the OD Network of Chicago.

    Expanded Power is emerging in Collaborative Leadership, Design Thinking and Agile Innovation. This is convened in the discipline of Strategic Action, in Bruce’s upcoming book on “Impact.”

    Bruce Mabee


    Program Mission: CODIC 2021-05 Power.docx


    8:40-9:00 am Logging On & Networking

    9:00-12:00 pm Program

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